South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

SWOLL Sponsors

Buy things from these lovely people who help support local lacrosse!

Below, you will find some quality businesses. Some even have perks for SWOLL fans and players alike.


McMullan's Pub on Highland - Lacrosse Sponsor


McMullan's Canadian Pub & Pizzeria

McMullan's is one of our favourite sponsors as they serve as the SWOLL watering hole for pre and/or post game.
It is also the location of our annual draft and post Championship party.

Their pizza is great! and the deals are even better!



Lax Coach Locker

Lax Coach Locker is our official equipment sponsor. Tom and his team are usually present at each SWOLL game with the best deals and a quality selection.

They offer custom sticks, stringing services, and a bunch of quality gear. Based out of the KW region, shipping is fast and cheap. You can also pick up your gear at the game.

USE PROMO CODE: SWOLL at checkout for 10%


Lax Coach Locker SWOLL Sponsor
Jukebox Lacrosse Proud Sponsor SWOLL


Jukebox Lacrosse

Jukebox has been with SWOLL since the very start! They are a Canadian based lacrosse equipment brand.

Their shafts are easily the best in the game! With a light/strong composite material, and a rubberized grip which is perfect for off-season shooting with no tape.

You can get them directly from LaxCoachLocker above!



ZRW Restoration and Waterproofing

The elements can really take a tole on your assets. Think of ZRW if you are ever in need of water
They repair Concrete, Brick, Driveways, Fencing, Decks, Vents, Driveways, Cracks, Painting, Power washing, Siding, and waterproofing.

Your South Western Ontario Water Expert



ZRW Waterproofing SWOLL Sponsorship Lacrosse
Mortgage Intelligence SWOLL

Jason Breau - Mortgage Intelligence

Searching for a new home?
Investing in a property?
Mortgage Renewal upcoming?
Give Jason a call or click below for a digital quote. Let Jason make Mortgages easy for you.