South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

2020 SWOLL Draft


Firstly, thank you to our draft sponsors!

Lax Coach Locker

- You will find Tom selling gear and merch at every SWOLL game -
Head to to check out their sticks
Lax Coach Locker Lacrosse Store


McMullan's Canadian Pub & Pizzeria

- The location of our draft, championship night, and recommended pub for before/after every game - 
Exactly 4 minutes from the arena
McMullan's on Highland

Buy things from these wonderful people!

We are still looking for jersey sponsors. Let us know if anyone is interested via the Contact Us page, facebook, or Instagram.



Full Draft Results

Name Team
Andrew Coghlin Bucks
Blake Jensen Bucks
Braidon Kerbs Bucks
Colton Schmitt Bucks
Craig Fotopolous Bucks
Damien Dewbury Bucks
Eric Forster Bucks
Greg Phillips Bucks
Hunter Schmitt Bucks
Jordan Dayball Bucks
Josh Falkenstern Bucks
Kent radbourne Bucks
Mike McMullen Bucks
Mitch Brown Bucks
Randy Borghese Bucks
Ray Deveau Bucks
Theoren Asselin Bucks
Travis Weber Bucks
Wayne Paddick Bucks
Zachary Schuetzkowski Bucks
Aj Hahn Falcons
Anthony Best Falcons
Ben Penny Perreault Falcons
Brady Wilson Falcons
Carter Hyndman Falcons
Carter Teneycke Falcons
Christopher McNamara Falcons
Conor Sharkey Falcons
Eric Snyder Falcons
Ethan warden Falcons
Hayden Kafadar Falcons
Lucas Haddaway Falcons
Mitcheal Taylor Falcons
Mitchell Daw Falcons
Quenton Begin Falcons
Riley Dasilva Falcons
Shane halliwell Falcons
Taylor Best Falcons
Zachary Dunseith Falcons
Zack Taylor Falcons
Caden Reyes Hornets
Daniel McGarr Hornets
Hayden Marsland Hornets
Jeremy Hill Hornets
Karter Romaniuk Hornets
Kyle Rushton Hornets
Lewis White Hornets
Lucas Matheson Hornets
Marco Hill Hornets
Mathew Walsh Hornets
Mike Jacobs Hornets
Miles Cox Hornets
Mitchell Hertner Hornets
Nathan Joyes Hornets
Peter Azevedo Hornets
Ryan Smart Hornets
Scott Cook Hornets
Shawn Murray Hornets
Simon cox Hornets
Steven R Cooke Hornets
Warren Ziegler Hornets
Aidan Kelly Wolves
Andrew Chenier Wolves
Cam Coughlin Wolves
Cole Danneman Wolves
Derek Lebold Wolves
Dylan Gillespie Wolves
Ethan Fitton Wolves
Evan Girdler Wolves
Greg Cameron Wolves
Jeff Brett Wolves
Kurtis oldham Wolves
Lucas Finoro Wolves
Matt Meadows Wolves
Mike Rybka Wolves
Reyd Fitton Wolves
Richard Haan Wolves
Ryan Oldham Wolves
Scott Hummel Wolves
Shawn Simonelli Wolves
Wyatt Carey Wolves
Greg Winston Wolves




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