South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

League Overview

  • SWOLL is a full contact box lacrosse league that leans heavily into the CLA rules with some small adjustments.

Players from all over Ontario are put into a player pool every year, and are drafted by our team captains. We do not allow for full team entry. However we will try to keep you and your driving buddies on the same team.

Full contact (remembering we need to work the next day.)

No crease dives

No Fighting

3 minor penalties = Ref Discretion Ejection.

No cherry picking - Refs will issue one warning per player per game. Further failure to get back with the play results in a penalty.

In the case of a tie = 3 player shootout, if still tied; single round shootout. Each player can only shoot once.

Goalies must split time throughout the season (whether they split the game, or alternating games). This also applied for the semi-finals and finals. Goalies must split those games or alternate.



  1. - Helmet + Full Cage - This can be any full cage including the old box cages, field helmets, hockey cage, etc.
  2. - Full Equipment - Kidney pads, Shoulder pads, Slash Guards, Gloves, Shorts, Shoes.
  3. - Must have your SWOLL Jersey to play. No substitutes or pinnies allowed.
  4. - Woodies are not allowed for players (goalies can use woodies).


  • - Full CLA approved goalie equipment.
  • - Both wooden and plastic sticks allowed for goalies

Arena Protocol

*Be cool :) Keep your dressing room clean.

* The city has the right to expell any player or spectator based on their policies.

* No beer cans/bottles allowed in the arena or dressing room.

Stats, Tiebreakers

  • Single Assists Only
  • It is hard enough for refs to accurately report who passed the ball, let alone second assists! And its a beer league.. Did that second assist really do anything?
  • Game Tie = Shootout
  • * Three - 20 minute periods. In the event of a tie, we go to 3 player shootout. Then to single round shootout. Each player can only shoot once.
  • Standings Tie Breaker
  • - Ties will first go to the head to head record.
  • - Secondly will go to the goal differential of the head to head matchup.
  • - Finally will go to the total leaague goal differential.
  • - If STILL tied, we go to a coin flip. At an undisclosed location. Friday Night Lights style.


At the end of the day, this is a men's rec league, and most of us have to work tomorrow, play accordingly.

* A 5 min major penalty comes with referee discretion game misconduct. ie Act like a jerk, take the night off.

* 3 minor penalties will result in a ref discretion Game Misconduct.

* Only one player/captain can address the ref circle. Ref's can throw out a penalty for too much lip.

* Fighting will be 5 mins + Game Misconduct + Additional game at the discretion of the exec team.

* In the event that a fight is mutual an instigator penalty will be assessed and the player will be suspended until reviewed by the Discipline Committee.

* Any player that is involved in a second fight, other than for the reason of defending himself, will be ejected from the SWOLL for the remainder of the season.

* Goalies – add ons or alterations to equipment of any form will not be permitted. First infraction will be 2 + fix it and a repeat will result in a G

*Any off-floor altercation at the arena can result in suspension or expulsion of the league based on exec review.

Refund Policy

If your plans or life circumstances change, and you can no longer play reach out via the Contact Us page to request a refund.

Refunds will not be accepted 3 weeks before the draft onward. The draft is typically set in November/Early December.

We will keep a waitlist of players to backfill the draft pool in the event of someone needing to pull out.