South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

2020 Snell Championship Weekend

 SWOLL Lacrosse 2020 Finals Championship
The Hornets complete the perfect season with a come from behind Championship win over the Falcons.
The Wolves capture their first Megabowl, and the Bucks fall from 2019 Champions to last place in 2020.
The level of lacrosse that was shown during the final Saturday is a testament to both the region's skill level, and the high level of compete that SWOLL is becoming.
Thank you to all of the fans who made it out to the game.
New SWOLL Attendance Record:

The Megabowl (3rd Place Game)

The 3rd ranked Wolves vs the 4th ranked surging Bucks.
The two Wilmot captains; Scott Hummel and Andrew Coughlin 

The SNELL Championship

The Hornets come into the championship with a 9-0 record, while the feisty Falcons recently earned their ticket to the dance.
 SWOLL 2020 Championship Hornets


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