South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

2022 Championship

Championship weekend is always a good time! This year was no exception. Firstly, thank you to everyone who brought a food donation. We have a full bin to donate :)
The house was packed for the finals with over 100 fans in the stands. Thanks to all for the support.
Game 1 - The Mega Bowl - Bucks (4th) vs Falcons (3rd)
The Bucks showed up to championship weekend with a thin roster and the Falcons swarmed on that early! It looked like it was going to be a route until the Bucks had enough, storming back to tie the game in the last 2 minutes. However Captain Taylor Best and the birds buried the winning goal late to take the second Mega Bowl in Falcons franchise history.
Game 2 - The Snell Cup - Bears (2nd) vs Wolves (1st)
The Wolves have gotten the better of the Bears in their last two matchups, giving Bear's Captain Steve Cooke both of his only two losses. So the Wolves were walking tall going into this one. 
The first period started according to plan, with the Wolves striking first and holding a lead until the Bears roared back to tie it at 3-3.
The second period however was a different story. The Bears scored over and over with a mix of leading scorer Riley Matthews from the outside, Dunner cutting through the middle and Reyes flying in transition. 10-5 bears to end the second.
The Wolves looked to climb out of the deficit in the third but Aidan Kelly was extremely strong in net, holding the Wolves to their lowest goal total of the year. Meanwhile the Bears offence kept rolling resulting in a tied period, and a 13-8 Bears final.
Congratulations to the entire Bears team. Steve Cooke wins his second straight Snell cup, bringing his record to 18-2. Also congratulations to Nathan Joyes for his 3rd straight Snell Cup!
Looking forward to SWOLL 2023. See you all next winter.

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