South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

Guide to the 2024 Season

Draft Date has been set!

Monday December 4th, 2023 7:30pm

If you're new to SWOLL

Every year, the anticipation builds as we assign 4 captains. They'll gather on draft night, savouring a few drinks while hand-picking the 2024 team rosters. In a  snake draft format, each player enters the pool, awaiting their team colours and line-mates for the upcoming winter lacrosse season.
We plan to livestream the draft on Facebook & Instagram barring technical difficulties. We don't typically stream the last couple of rounds, as to not bruise egos.

This year we're excited to announce our 4 sponsors

A big thank you to the sponsors, we couldn't put this season together each year without the generous support of these local businesses. Thank you for supporting men's lacrosse in South Western Ontario.
Back for their 4th season!
Organize your lacrosse gear! Make it easy to air it out after each week. Nobody likes the "I haven't opened my equipment since last year :) Buy some lockerHooks!
Also back for their 4th season!
As water falls, freezes and melts, it can become a problem at your home or business. ZRW Waterproofing should be your first thought when it comes to prevention and restoration. With their fleet of trucks and technicians in SWO, they are standing by for your next project!
Back again this year, thank you to
Managing a sports team or league needs to have good software! We can tell you first hand :) If you want to tighten up your team/league - head to
New Sponsor Alert!
If the outside of your home needs some cleaning up. Leaves, gutter cleaning, concrete stains, snow removal and more. Servicing the tri-city (Cambridge, KW, Guelph) and beyond. Check out CM Exteriors
After the Draft

We will post the final rosters upon the conclusion of the draft on our socials and email.

Teams will be added to the schedule page shortly after for your game start times.

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