South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

Century Club

SWOLL Season 4 is in full swing. We want to take a minute to highlight the players who have reached the triple digit stat club.

Lewis White

Lewis has been the gold standard in SWOLL scoring for all 3 of the first SWOLL seasons. Lewis (Guelph ON) has spent most seasons with the Bucks, and one year with the Black and Gold were he scored a record breaking 69 points!
Lewis has 2 Snell Championships (Bucks year 1 and Bears year 2).
Lewis also hit 150 points this year. Far outpacing the rest of the league.

Richard Haan

The ageless wonder, Richard Haan (KW) aka League Commissioner and founder has continued his scoring prowess and shown no signs of slowing down. Rich has spent 3 years with the Wolves and a championship has alluded him. This year, Rich finds himself in red, hoping to win the scoring title and win a championship.

Kyle Rushton

Another SWOLL founder, Kyle Rushton (Cambridge) has played on 3 of the 4 SWOLL teams, and won a championship with the Bears in year 2. Bringing a balance of goals, assists, and transition.

Kent Radbourne

Kent (Wilmot) is second all time (only to Lewis White) in SWOLL goals. The sniper from the outside has played on the Bucks for most of his SWOLL career except for year 1 with the Bulldogs.
 Miles Cox was set to hit 100 points this year but unfortunately is out with an injured foot.
Although they have a lot of work to do this season, Simon Cox (74) and Eric Forster (73) have a shot at hitting the triple digit club,

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