South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

Week 5 2020 Recap

Rivalry Night #2!

Cambridge Chief Captain vs Cambridge Chief Captain

Wilmot Wild Captain vs Wilmot Wild Captain


The Early Game

Wednesday night held a HUGE game for the Falcons. Last Rivalry week, the Falcons lost their grip of a win against the Hornets in the last minute of the game.
Week 5 offered a chance at revenge.
The Falcons being tied with the Wolves for 2nd place; makes this game even more important.
The Falcons came out flying fast as they have done for most of the 2020 season. The birds built and maintained their lead through the first two periods, being up as much as 4 goals.
The Hornets however have been down many times this season and have swarmed to steal 3 wins from behind this year.
A late barrage in the second gave the buzz momentum into the third.
The Hornets scored on a cylinders. Scoring goals from their usual guns with stand out performances from the boys in transition. Peter Azevedo scored a hat-rick; doubling his season total and receives player of the game.
The Falcons start strong. The Hornets prevail again; all but guaranteeing their spot in the SNELL Championship

The Late Game

Last year, the Bucks could do no wrong; with a near storybook campaign to take home the inaugural Snell Championship.
2020 has reversed the script, with the Bucks coming into week five with a record of 0-4. 
The Bucks have grazed over a few games this year, losing some close games including a Falcon loss after leading the first period 8-2.
Week 5 started and the Bucks smelled a win early! Taking a strong lead against the wolf pack early.
The Wolves offence, like a wolf pack is efficient and each member plays a role. They beared down and buried over and over to snag the win from the Bucks in a game that pushed through a close third period.
Week 6 is a HUGE one as the Falcons and Wolves will battle it out for second place! See you at McMullan's at 6pm for pre game drinks.


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