South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

Week 5 - 2024

Week 5 marks the mid-way point of the regular season.
The first place team will start the semi finals with 2 back to back powerplays to start the game. Second place will get a single power play.
In the first game, things were tight through 2 periods, 9-7 Muskies who went off in the 3rd period to win 19-8.
Kent Radbourne breaks his stick in the cold temperature and proceeds to score 3, including his 100th all time SWOLL goal. The first to enter the triple digit goal club.
Game two was also tight for most of the game but had the falcons run away in the third as the Polars got into penalty trouble.
Falcons take over second place. Next week's Falcons/Ducks game will be pivotal for the final playoff race for 2nd as the Muskies take a stranglehold on first.

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