South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

Week 6 Recap


It was a glass breaking night last night as the fellas braved the roads and made their way to Queensmount. While game one went off without a hitch game two was suspended due to a broken pane of the end board glass. We are checking the tapes as we speak but it was either a wicked body check into the boards or a Wayne Paddick squeal after the Falcon's 5th goal. Either way, the night ended early.

In game one though we had a wild one. The Bull Dogs (5-1) were riding a 5 game winning streak coming into last night's action while the Bucks (4-2) were coming off a loss to the Wolves in Week 5. It was a back and forth battle most of the night with the Bucks holding on to a lead for most of it. The never got too far ahead before the Dogs would come back and were locked at 9 at one point. The Bucks, however, proved to be the better team on this night and took the win by a final of 14-11. The loss of Bulldog captain Dustin Kunderman to a mid game fight was definitely felt as the Bulldogs could not claw back late.


In game 2 the Wolves (3-3) were looking to win back to back games as they hosted the Falcons (0-6). The Wolves got up quickly 5-0 and increased their lead before the end of the period. Halfway through the second the game came to a complete halt as a glass shattering body check sent a pane of end board glass to the ground shattering it on the concrete. At the time the score was 10-4 for the Wolves and both sides decided that the game would go in the books as complete.

The Bull Dogs hang on to top spot while the battle for second is heating up. With only a few weeks left to play it's looking like the Dogs will secure a spot in the cup while the Wolves and Bucks will be fighting for that second position.

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