South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

Week 8 2020 Recap

The last rivalry week of the year!
The weather was snowy, the roads were icy, but we had a solid night of lacrosse.
The Early Game
In the early game, Cogs and his Bucks looked to play spoiler as the Wolves limped into the game with continued injury troubles including captain Scott Hummel, and most of their top offensive players. Richard Haan and the remaining Wolves came out strong though, and put the Bucks on their back foot from the start.
Cogs' Bucks started off looking like it would be another route until bearing down and chasing the Wolves to a close third period.
The Wolf lead and strong goaltending kept the Bucks at bay, as the Wolves take the win.
The Wolves now set their sites on the biggest game of the year, as they will battle with the Falcons in week 9 to determine who makes it to the SNELL Championship.
The Bucks will finish with a game against the Hornets with nothing but an undefeated insect season on the line while they await their dance partner for the SWOLL MEGABOWL.
The Hornets and Falcons have both had solid numbers all year. However this week, the Hornet dressing room looked thin!
Coming in with a 7-0 record, and aiming for perfection; some key offensive players, and lots of cardio missing from the room didn't look good out of the gate.
The Falcons showed up in force, looking to pick off the bees and destroy their perfect season aspirations. This is rivalry night, and you could tell that this one had some bragging rights on the line.
And just like that, the Falcons soared to a 2-0 lead in just 45 seconds! Two faceoff wins to odd man rushes worked like clockwork. The buzz would look to play from behind yet again.
The Hornet's and the league's leading scorer and 2019 MVP; Lewis White popped a few early ones to get within striking distance, but the Falcon cardio advantage was evident! 
Mid way through the first period though, the Hornet cavalry arrived! Walsh, Hertner, and Danny McGarr burst onto the floor with fresh legs and instantly uplifted the bench which sparked a run of goals.
Late second/third period seem to be the sweet spot for the Hornets as they make another close game seem one sided after a flurry of late goals.
The Hornets look to maintain perfection against the Bucks, while the Falcons gear up for the big game against the Wolves!
Wednesday March 4th - 9:00pm - Wolves vs Falcons!
The Finals will be on Saturday March 7th @ 1:00pm
As always, see you at Mcmullan's pre game!
 mcmullans on highland road


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