South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

Week 9 2020 Recap


The Early Game

Undefeated Regular Season On the Line!


The Hornets and Bucks finished the regular season with a meaningless game in the standings. Buck pride and Hornet perfection where definitely on the minds of each team though as it was a spirited affair.

The Buck lineup pushed hard for the first half of the game. The score was 9-6 late in the second period before the Buck's spirit started to wane. The Hornets also typically start to swarm late which created a perfect storm and a one sided third period.

The Hornets will take to the floor on Saturday in an attempt to remain perfect and to set the bar for all future SWOLL campaigns.

The Bucks have an opportunity ahead of them to salvage their season and save face. Similar to the Falcons of 2019, the regular season has been a challenge, yielding only 1 win. However all misfortune can be for not in SWOLL, as the Megabowl game presents a chance at glory!


The Late Game:

A Ticket to the SNELL Championship On the Line:


This one had a lot of hype leading up to the game, and the stands showed as we had a solid turn out to watch this huge game!

The Wolves have had so many injuries throughout the year, but tonight, they showed up in full force to challenge the always numerous Falcons.

This one was a BATTLE from start to finish with the Wolves scoring a late goal in the first period to end it 3-2.

The second period was back and forth, up and down, and a little chippy! Second period ends in a 7-7 tie and it could go wither way.

The third period was tenacious! The back and forth continued with more attention to defence!
The Falcons buried a few more from the outside than the Wolves were able to before Shane Halliwell scored a dagger from the inside.

After a Wolf timeout, followed by an empty net goal; the Falcon's ticket to the Championship game was punched!


This sets up a HUGE matchup for the Falcons and Hornets THIS SATURDAY MARCH 7th at 2:00pm to battle for the crown!


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