South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League

Week 1 Guide

We are all excited to get back to winter lacrosse this year!

Below you will find your quick guide to week 1, and a preview of this week's matchups.

Wednesday February 2nd
7:30 - Bears vs Falcons
9:00 - Bucks vs Wolves
1. Remember to pack your gear!
  • Shoes & Socks
  • Shorts, Shirt
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Slash Guards
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Kidney Pads
  • ***Water Bottle***
3. Earliest arena entry allowed is 7:00pm
  • Masks Required in the building including in change rooms until helmet is on.
  • Arena staff will check vaccine + ID
  • SWOLL Sign In Table
    • Sign Insurance Form
    • Get your jersey
4. Warm ups for a 7:30pm start.
5. This is a full contact league, but let's remember that we all have to work tomorrow :) so let's have fun, yet competitive lacrosse.



Week 1 is always fun to see which teams can start to build chemistry quickly. There has been a lot of trash talk amongst the captains (as always), week 1 will put that to rest and we will see what each team is made of this Wednesday.


Taylor Best is flying high after drafting this years Falcon lineup. He has a solid mix of skill, cardio, and goaltending. He has a consistent looking roster full of Cambridge Chiefs as his core. Filled out by quality pieces from Guelph and beyond. Taylor also invested heavily in goaltending with Reyd Fitton and Shawn Murray. The one area that was perhaps a question mark for the Falcons was bolstered with a dropout and sub in of Marc Forster


Captain Cogs was grinning after snagging the Guelph trio of the Cox brothers and all-time SWOLL point leader Lewis White in the first round. He continued to acquire Wilmot Wild and KW Velocity Alumni to round out a VERY high powered offence. The Bucks offence is stand out, but their special teams and goaltending could definitely take the league by surprise. If it doesn't, Buck games may turn into a shootout.


Scott Hummel put together an interesting roster, full of a lot of pieces that don't stand out as having a specific theme. This could be a huge benefit, and turn into a complimentary roster where everyone fills their role. Or it could lack a specific identity and struggle this year. Scott took execs Kyle Rushton and Richard Haan who consistently deliver strong stats, and he added the big 3 Campbell brothers from London who will make their SWOLL debut. Rookie goalie Markus Madill could also pay off combined with SWOLL vet Falky. Big upside potential for the Wolves this year if they can put it together.


Where the Wolves will need to find their identity, the Bears definitely have theirs already! They are big, defensive, steady, and will steal some games this year. Captain Cooke is a tower himself, and he went out and added Matt Pelkey, Dunner, Cam Coughlin, Nate Joyes, Kivell and other big grizzlies. On the offensive side of the ball, they are definitely underrated and have some threats from Cambridge who can consistently put the ball in the net.


What do you think about this year's rosters? Do you disagree with our analysis? Which player are we sleeping on this year?

Super excited for SWOLL Season 3

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