South West Ontario Winter Lacrosse League


* SWOLL to use CLA rules with some league modifications geared towards safety

* Games will be three 20 minute periods running time with last 2 mins of the 3rd stop time

* In the event of a tie we will proceed to a shootout

* Net size will be NLL configurations or 4ft x ft 9 inches


* A 5 min major penalty comes with automatic GM, a second 5 min major in a season will come with suspension until reviewed by the Discipline Committee

* 3 minor penalties will result in game expulsion (Check From Behind counts as 2)

* Shooting at the goalie from behind the goal line will result in a 2 min penalty

* Each team shall have a Captain and 1 assistant captain indicated on the gamesheet, only these two players will be permitted to discuss calls with the officials

* Fighting will be 5 mins + GM plus an additional 1GM for a mutual fight.

* In the event that a fight is mutual an instigator penalty will be assessed and the player will be suspended until reviewed by the Discipline Committee

* Any player that is involved in a second fight, other than for the reason of defending himself, will be ejected from the SWOLL for the remainder of the season

* Equipment – all players and goaltenders are to wear CLA approved, unaltered headwear. Full facemasks, ear covers and chinstraps are MANDATORY and goalies must wear neck guard. A two minute penalty for first infraction will be assessed and a GM will be handed down for a second infraction in the same game. Referee has the right to remove unsafe equipment

* Goalies – add ons or alterations to equipment of any form will not be permitted. First infraction will be 2 + fix it and a repeat will result in a G